Session activities with lecturer Pn. Rozana binti Ismail, Dr. Sya Azmeela and Ms Aznita were held at MJIIT UTM KL, on 29th August 2018 (Wednesday) beginning at 9.00 am and ending at 10.00 am. The meeting was held to obtain feedback on the use of MyLearningSpace.

There are seven responses to using MyLearningSPACE from lecturers (PPDs), Pn. Rozana binti Ismail. The feedback provided is as follows:

The problem is that students forget the password and the PIC they need to contact to resolve the problem. Most students have contacted the CICT UTM and this has led to misunderstandings on the part of the CICT.
The use of the BBB (virtual classroom) has been going well so far despite some students not having good internet access.
Among the requirements that he requested was how to download the notes that were written on the virtual board during the virtual classroom session.
He also asked / suggested if the authorities could issue a letter stating that the lecturers had used the MyLearningSPACE platform for the purpose of scoring their KPIs as to date no documents or systems could prove that these lecturers had used MyLearningSPACE in the P&P process.
He requested that the information or information about PICs or channels be disclosed to students if they had problems with MyLearningSPACE to prevent further misunderstandings between students and staff. This is because his number of students is quite large (180 students).
He also suggested that BPAT also get feedback from other lecturers who have used the MyLearningSPACE platform including Pn. In order to address the problem above, he suggested that BPAT have a channel such as a special whatsapp (desktop / mobile phone) for students to solve any problem and be accessible to all BPAT staff.