We’re collaborating with institutions and industries to provide high-value and in-demand courses to learners throughout the world for free or at a very low cost. In contrast to the traditional university awards, these alternative providers designated their credentials as nano degrees, micro-masters, and micro-credentials. Enroll in professional courses to enhance your future skills.


Accredited programmes or stand-alone courses that assist professional, technical, academic, and personal growth of the student by providing digital certification of evaluated knowledge, abilities, and competences in a certain area or subject.

Types of Micro-Credential offered

Stand-alone Micro-Credentials

  • Professional development courses.
  • Professional certification with industry partner.

Micro-Credentials as components of accredited programmes

  • Upon completion of a Micro-Credential course that consists of a series of modules, learners are eligible to apply for credit transfer.

What will you get upon completing a Micro-Credential @ SPACE UTM?

- Digital badge (upon completion of a module)

- Digital certificate (upon completion of a course that consists of several modules)

Benefits of Micro-Credentials @ SPACE UTM

        Flexible: You can learn at your own pace at anytime and anywhere.

        Shorter: A Micro-Credential course is divided into bite-sized modules with smaller scopes of learning.

        Demand-driven: You can choose any module/course that interests you. They are designed to serve as added value for upskilling and reskilling in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies.

        Recognition: You will earn a digital badge upon completion of each module and a certificate upon completion of a course that consists of several modules.

        Shareable: The digital badge can be added to your online profiles and social media page to impress your potential employers. Digital badge includes information on the issuer, the individual who receives it, the criteria to earn it and the evidence that the criteria has been fulfilled.

        Stackable: You can stack Micro-Credentials modules and courses to transfer credit for an accredited academic program. Standalone Micro-credentials modules and courses can be stacked towards a larger unit of competencies developed via a range of pathways.


- Blended Learning where 30-60% of the content is delivered online.

- Open and Distance Learning where 60-100% of the content is delivered online.


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